Jeroen Roffel

Inspiration happens, but it needs to find you working

Pablo Picasso
Born in the Netherlands, Jeroen Roffel is a sound designer, composer and pianist. Recipient of several awards and commissions, he has lived and worked across three continents. Starting with music at an early age, his passion for sound was first awakened through the experimental music of Pierre Schaeffer and the musique concrète movement. Ever since, sound design, music and the physical properties that govern them have been a constant source of inspiration and area of research.

As sound designer and composer, Jeroen Roffel has worked on theatre and Indie productions and written music for the concert hall and film. More recently he was involved in a collaborative production for the National Arts Festival 2021 in Makhanda, South Africa. Jeroen Roffel was educated at Wilfrid Laurier University, the Amsterdam University of the Arts and Codarts University for the Arts. His PhD topic straddles the apex of aperiodic sound waves in sound design and music.  As performing artist Jeroen Roffel prefers to work in collaboration with other artists, either as pianist or conductor.

His specific area of interest is in sound recording and processing of foley, ambient and voicings and their contribution to the creation of effects and acousmatic music. He has wide experience in dialogue editing, ambient sound scaping and foley tracks. As an avid mixing engineer, he has a love for detail, quality and solving the complexities offered by mixing for mixed media. This experience includes mastery of DAWs like Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic Pro X and hardware/software brands Avid, JBL, Sound Devices, Motu, Shure, Sennheiser, iZotope, Native Instruments, Arturia and open-source software such as Audacity and GNU Octave.

"Working in sound and music starts with passion. This work must then proceed to find the best possible quality. Without quality, sound and music cannot have their full impact. Quality needs to be maintained, because all sound and music is a process; a process of recording, editing, reflecting and learning. And so the product is the process, where a process of care, attention and passion translates to a product with impact." - Jeroen Roffel